Thai Massage in Accrington

Thai Massage is a form of gentle exercise which involves the recipient being fully-clothed and pulled - or ‘stretched’ - into positions by the therapist. As such, and unlike other massage therapies, no oil is used.

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Yoga instructor & Thai yoga masseur

I am an internationally accredited Satyananda yoga teacher. I am also a certified Thai Yoga Massure with the sunshine network. I am based in Great [...]
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Have you tried the Alternatives for your Health ?

Designed to educate, heal, inspire, empower and help change the way people are living life, without having to change life. Reiki Master, Reiki Courses, Lifestyle [...]
Distance: 5.72 miles.

Simply Wholistic – Lifes all about finding the right Balance

Intuitive Healer,Coach.Lifestyle Consultant,Free Reiki healing,Alternative Therapy.Nutrition,Colour Therapy,Crystal Healing,Iridology,Kinesiology,EFT,NLP.Life Coaching,Reiki Attunements,reiki share
Distance: 18.29 miles.

traumatic stress therapy

    Recovery, adaptation and healing from physical and psychological effects of traumatic stress requires skilled and highly experienced attention from a professional psychotherapist. From 20 [...]
Distance: 24.35 miles.
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