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Spirituality means different things to different people. For some it means taking part in a religious organisation, whilst for others spirituality covers that which is non-physical, not explained by science, encompassing values and beliefs.

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Soul Awakening

Maia Ana is a UK based Angelic Reiki Master, intuitive healer and Advanced Soul Realignment Practitioner whose passion is to assist spiritually aware women [...]
Distance: 199.41 miles.

Spiritual Healer in Blandford

Are you tired, in pain, struggling to balance your life? I am a Spiritual Healer with Fibromyalgia, Coeliac & Hypothyroidism. I understand how your feeling! Do [...]
Distance: 183.18 miles.

Psychic Readings

Sincere and concise psychic readings by a team of professional psychics, clairvoyants and mediums. Get a psychic reading by phone, text message or email [...]
Distance: 185.91 miles.

Sacred Wellness

  Come and experience our wonderful relaxing treatments, take a break and treat yourself to high quality relaxing massages, waxing, nail services, reiki, medical intutive therapies.     
Distance: 183.32 miles.

Jill Graham

Heart-based holistic life coach, spiritual guide, intuitive, healer, tarot reader, crystal singing bowls. Holistic support on your soul's path to help you find your own [...]
Distance: 184.61 miles.
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