Myofascial Release in Kensington

Myofascial comes from ‘myo’ (meaning muscle) and fascia (band). Myofascial Release is a hands-on gentle massage therapy, applying sustained pressure into the fascia.

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DeepaLiving Massage, Reflexology, Forrest Yoga.

Advanced clinical & remedial massage therapist specialising in headaches and migraines, neck and shoulder pain, lower back pain, hip and pelvis pain, carpal tunnel [...]
Distance: 9.8 miles.

Pennington Osteopathy

At Pennington Osteopathy, we treat joint and muscle pain, nerve pain or "trapped" nerves, sports injuries, back pain, postural problems, work-related strains and many [...]
Distance: 13.13 miles.


My name is Melanie and I’m a Christian lady with a wonderful family and 2 very lovely dogs. I enjoy long walks in the [...]
Distance: 16.35 miles.

Professional massage and bodywork treatments

  Mind Calm Massage in South Kensington has been treating a wide variety of individuals for many years. Our detailed and bespoke remedial massage techniques has led us [...]
Distance: 0.54 miles.

Sports Massage London

Massaggi is the London's most experienced sports massage company. With over 3 thousands clients using Massaggi sports massage London, we are by far the [...]
Distance: 2.44 miles.


Deep tissue massage, Sports Massage, Remedial Massage, Trigger point therapy, Dermoneuromodulation. Est 1997 16 years in full time practice has enabled me to collect a [...]
Distance: 5 miles.

The Holistic Alternative to Psychotherapy & Counselling

Bodymind Integration is a deep & powerful mind-body approach to personal development, emotional and psychological healing & transformation (including PTSD), and a whole-person alternative [...]
Distance: 6.99 miles.

NLSSM – The School of Sports Massage

At NLSSM we want to inspire you, refresh, revive and revitalise your massage therapy skills. Increase your client care and rehabilitation success rates. Our [...]
Distance: 8.18 miles.

Natural Grace Therapies

Hello my name is Grace and I run Natural Grace Therpies which is a complementary therapy practice based in Thornton Heath. I am  ITEC qualified in [...]
Distance: 7.99 miles.

Natural Health School of Complementary Therapies

We offer ITEC Diploma Level 3 Courses in Anatomy, Physiology & Pathology, Massage & Reflexology. Plus many superb 1 day Advanced Massage/Reflexology courses/workshops including: [...]
Distance: 11.51 miles.

Holistic therapies

  I have been working a massage therapist for 7 years , offering a mobile service and also work from a beautiful base 1 day [...]
Distance: 15.81 miles.

Osteopath – Amersham; Central London.

Therapies available: Osteopathy, Sports Massage, Sports Therapy, Ultrasound, Corrective Exercise, Kinesiology Taping, Dry Needling. The following may be successfully treated using Osteopathy: sciatica; whiplash; sports [...]
Distance: 21.15 miles.

DBM Fasciatherapy

DBM Fasciatherapy is particularly effective in reducing and preventing pain, releasing tension, improving mobility and the circulation of the fluids of the body. It [...]
Distance: 22.49 miles.

Sports Massage Service

Deep tissue massage service beneficial to athletes and non-athletes brought to you by EKTSportsMassage.  - Reduce pain.  - Restore range of movement.  - Promote good working condition [...]
Distance: 23.31 miles.
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