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Therapists in Little Stretton:

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Shropshire Colonics

COLONIC HYDROTHERAPY Colonic hydrotherapy or irrigation is a gentle internal bath using warm, purified water that can help to eliminate stored faecal matter, gas, mucus [...]
Distance: 10.79 miles.

Natural Balance Complementary Therapies

Our aim is to restore balance to the lives of our clients - thus helping them to significantly improve their physical and emotional well-being. If [...]
Distance: 13.15 miles.

Sue Ashton-Green

I provide mobile Foot Health Care services and bring my own brand of professional dedication, care and enthusiasm to improve your foot health in the comfort of your own home. I [...]
Distance: 13.15 miles.

Planet Holistic

We offer a range of different Massage therapies and Reflexology treatments, designed to help you through life's aches and pains.
Distance: 13.4 miles.

Pure Calm Therapies

Mobile beauty & complementary therapies in the Shrewsbury area 
Distance: 13.47 miles.

Pain and Fatigue Help

We offer new and effective ways to help you develop your own system that brings relief from your physical symptoms and how you feel. [...]
Distance: 16.82 miles.

Holistic Therapies and Training

You in Mind is based in The Gorge Therapy & Training Centre which is situated in the beautiful tranquil setting of Maws Craft Centre, [...]
Distance: 16.82 miles.

Gorge Therapy

There are times in your life when you need support on a mental, physical or spiritual level. At the Gorge Therapy & Training Centre [...]
Distance: 16.82 miles.

Ironbridge Soap Company

Based in the beautiful Ironbridge World Heritage site and created by award winning aromatherapist June Campbell, Ironbridge Soap hand made soaps creams and lotions [...]
Distance: 17.7 miles.

Jackie Donkin Nutritional Therapist

I trust you will leave the website with a clearer understanding of the information that is required by myself, the therapist, to initiate a [...]
Distance: 23.6 miles.

Teresa Tant MGHT

I am a  Complimentary and Holistic Therapist working in the heart of  Shrewsbury town centre I offer a  range of complimentary & holistic therapies [...]
Distance: 12.34 miles.

Sue Davies Wellness Business Coach

Feeling isolated?    Qualified but not sure how to grow your Biz?  Therapist, Practitioner or Yogi Come and join me in my Wellness Business Joy Academy. [...]
Distance: 13.21 miles.

Holistic Health – Health Kinesiology with Jenni Duffell

Health Kinesiology - 'A powerful yet gentle holistic approach to achieving optimum wellbeing' If anything is 'not right', from a physical condition to an emotional issue, then this might [...]
Distance: 13.7 miles.

Hot Stone Therapy Diploma

Smooth, warmed volcanic basalt stones are applied and massaged onto the body to alleviate stress and strain on the mind, body and spirit. The [...]
Distance: 16.82 miles.

Remedial and holistic massage therapy in Telford

A  holistic therapy practice in Lawley Village, Telford, specialising in massage for health and wellness.  
Distance: 17.64 miles.

You Reiki Treatments, Training, Counseling & Coaching Services

Highly pro-active approach to health & well-being. Holsitic & regression therapies, counseling, life coaching, Reiki treatments & training, (verified by the UK Reiki Federation). [...]
Distance: 17.77 miles.

Mobile Massage Therapist

Mobile Massaging available local to Presteigne, Knighton, Kington, Pembridge, Shobdon, Leominster and Wigmore. Whether you need to relax, relieve tension, anxieties or have some general [...]
Distance: 18.8 miles.

Heal-thy Self Therapies Susie Sutcliffe

Susie is a fully qualified and experienced Holistic Therapist and member of Federation of Holistic Therapists. Susie works in private practice, in the NHS Hospital Staff services [...]
Distance: 18.83 miles.
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