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I became a Certified Practitioner of the Emotion Code in 2010 working with Uk and International clients. The Emotion Code is an exciting, form of energy work, established 20 years ago by Dr Bradley Nelson, for identifying and releasing Trapped Emotions, Trauma, Negative Beliefs and Programming. If you have unresolved pain and anxiety in your life or are experiencing unfulfilling relationships, the Emotion Code may be the treatment that you are looking for. Clearing Trapped Emotions and Negative Beliefs will allow you to live a life experiencing greater peace and fulfilment.

The majority of my work is in Clearing Heart Walls. It appears that Trapped Emotions gather in the Heart Chakra forming a collective energy termed a Heart Wall. The Subconscious mind creates a Heart Wall as a form of protection from Emotional, Spiritual or Physical pain or injury. Although a Heart Wall is an important protective mechanism which can be absolutely necessary to help you survive certain traumas in your life, it comes at a price. A Heart wall blocks the heart energy and gets in the way of the body having full access to the heart, blocking your ability to fully give and receive love and to be in satisfying relationships with yourself or others. Using insights and guidance, during a session, we go further and deeper into clearing issues such as Trauma, Negative Beliefs and Programming which are personal to your individual experience from your current lifetime. We also clear those carried through from Past lives, those Inherited from our Parents, Ancestors and our Culture. We may also consider the possibilities of a Pain Body 

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