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Holistic therapies, in harmony with nature.

~ Reflexology

~ Reflexology for Cancer and Palliative Care

~ Aromatherapy Reflexology

~ Reiki

~ Equine & Animal Reiki

~ Organic Facials

~ Crystal & Colour Therapy

~ Meditation

Modern living can often mean that we are not in tune with our true nature and natural flow. Over time, this may lead to feeling stressed and out of balance.

Hayley at Luna Rose Therapies is an experienced holistic therapist and registered nurse. She aims to support her clients along their journey of natural wellbeing and relaxation, by providing tailored, natural and organic remedies, products and holistic therapies.

 Hayley aims to live in harmony with the natural world around her, she encourages her clients to look to nature for inspiration and guidance. By utilising natural essential oils and herbs, as well as spending time in nature, we can feel more connected, relaxed and in tune.

 Natural therapies and taking time out for yourself can help you to relax and unwind, allowing space for your body to heal and your mind to quieten. This can help to increase resilience to manage lifes ups and downs.

 Hayley's unique wealth of professional experience and knowledge from her nursing careers means she is best place to support you.

Hayley is also able to provide treatments for emotional and physical support during times of acute mental or emotional distress, including workplace and home life stress.

Please get in touch if you have any questions and to book an appointment.      

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