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Whether you want to do an Introductory Course, to provide Massage or Aromatherapy for family and friends, train as a Clinical Aromatherapist or do Post-graduate Training Courses, every small step taken in the direction of Complementary Medicine takes you nearer to unlocking your potential to assist others - and yourself - in the search for health.

The S.E.E.D. Institute (T.S.I.) was founded in 1986 with intentions and purposes that are fundamentally holistic. Despite the obvious difficulties inherent in managing change, we believe in respecting harmony. There is a growing awareness, understanding and respect for the principle of Reciprocal Maintenance. Resonance and its opposite, dissonance, are the fundaments of all change - including health and disease - as all levels of Being respond to corresponding environments. Ecological discoveries provide us with mounting evidence of this principle and its biospheric operations.

Whether we have yet realised it, or not, each one of us is both a product and a source, in body, mind and spirit, of resonance and dissonance. Therefore, if we desire a higher quality of life, we should seek to embody and manifest higher quality vibrations.

An increasing number of people are seeking for ways to balance their lives within a more wholesome context. T.S.I’s Training Courses are designed to train Practitioners to be Holistic in their outlook, perception and practice; to see what is impeding their Client’s perfection.

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