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I help people who are stuck in patterns of behaviour that they find difficult to stop to change that behaviour.  As a full qualified and experienced clinical hypnotherapist I give gentle guidance and use various techniques to achieve lasting transformation.   I  always suggest that cleints call me for a chat - even if they just have questions about the process.  I am always happy to chat and clients get lifelong support following their session/course of sessions.    

The typical things that people visit me for are: -

Anxiety, Stress, Eating Disorders, OCD, Phobias, Stop Smoking, Weight Management, Social Anxiety, Fear of flying, Sleep issues, Bad habits, Addiction, Over consumption, Motivation, Public Speaking Nerves, Interview Nerves, Driving test nerves, Depression, Anger Management, Assetiveness, Removing resentment, Mid life Changes, Assertiveness training, Conflict resolution, Bad habits (Nail Biting etc), Regression, Past life regression, Alien abduction regression, Recovering lost memories, Trauma, PTSD, Managing Bipolar, Increasing creativity, Improving reading speed, Lowering blood pressure, Learning Mindfulness, Meditation, Self Hypnosis

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