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Movement Education |Rehabilitation |Therapeutic Neuroscience Education |Neuromuscular Retraining |Somatics |Yoga |Clinical Somatic Education |Exercise Referral |Functional Movement |Mindfulness  |Relaxation

It's all about YOU.

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I teach you to ease pain, move better, learn to relax and feel well so you can stay active and vital or get back to activities you love. I help you to understand and assimilate long-term effective strategies for self-care, self-regulation and self-efficacy.

Worst business plan in the world. My work is about educating and empowering YOU so that you can become resilient in mind and body to the stresses, pain, anxieties and traumas of life, and do not need to keep seeking help from therapists and people like me.  Specialising in individualized programmes of movement & re-education to address your concerns.


Whatr clients say:

I wish I'd know about this years ago

In many months of exploring treatment options, no one has approached the process of healing with more helpful strategies


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