Shamanic Healer, Spiritual Counselor and Holistic Therapist

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Based in Leicester, Leicestershire, I run a Spiritual Healing and complementary therapies Practice.

I offer Shamanic Healing and Spiritual Counseling and Readings.This includes Pastlife Healing, Cord Cutting, Soul and Power Reteival, Entity Removal/Spirit Extraction,Journey/Dreaming, Connecting with your spirit guides.During the Healing Ceremony I use breathing and relaxation, hypnosis, crystals, sacred herbs and oils, fethers and sound healing and energy healing and balancing. I offer Prayers and Gratitudes to the spirits that work with you and and call on them for help to bring healing ,guidance , direction and manifestation into your life.

I also offer House and Space Cleansing and Blessings.


I am Trained in Holistic Crystal therapy, I am a hollow bone and so channel Reiki, Sekhem Heka, Sekhem, Tree and Plant Energies, Animal Energies, Elements ect

If you like more movement in yor healing sessions, i am also an Inner Dance Facilitator.

I am certificated in Traditional Indian Head Massage, Hopi Ear Candles, Hypnosis,  Guided Meditation and relaxation.

I run a monthly shamanic circle in leicester and offer teaching and courses.

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