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Are you looking for counselling or maybe just one or two sessions to help with a specific issue?  As a humanistic counsellor and energy therapist I am passionate about helping people.  Working in a holistic way I take the whole person into account – this includes psychological, physical, emotional and spiritual aspects by combining conventional counselling and various energy techniques like EFT, Reiki, TMJ R.E.S.E.T (Rafferty Energy System for Energising the TMJ) and Touch for Health Kinesiology.   I am a firm believer that many of our physical problems have their roots in emotional issues and this way of working I have found to be highly effective in dealing with both.

As a sensitive, intuitive, caring, empathic and non-judgemental therapist my aim is to provide a safe, trusting and confidential environment within which you can be free to explore any issues that you care to bring to the session. I am happy to work with you on either a short or long term basis; basically I work to suit your needs.

As well as working within GP surgeries as a counsellor, I have worked within community and in-patient Mental Health for over 10 years as a support worker on a one to one basis and running groups. I have extensive experience in working with anxiety, depression and stress related issues as well as domestic abuse, food/nutritional and hormonal problems.  Prior to this I worked as a complementary therapist and previously in the consulting engineering field.

As a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP) I am also passionate about helping people understand this innate trait. 15 -20% of the population are highly sensitive.  The trait, as penned by Dr Elaine Aron, has been scientifically proven.  Highly Sensitives are caring, intuitive, creative individuals who are more likely to experience anxiety, depression/low/fluctuating moods, be more tearful and crave alone time than the rest of the population,when they are in 'over' mode.  In other words we are more likely to feel overwhelmed, over tired, over reactive and any other 'over' due to a highly reactive nervous system.  I work with individuals to recognise and understand their nature as well as learning ways of managing the trait, enabling them to live life at their best.

I bring all of my knowledge and experience to the session and work creatively with you to assist you on your journey to find and yourself.  Please feel free to contact me for a no obligation chat to establish how I may help you.

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