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I help 'thruth seekers' align to their highest calling, their Soul-self and their Divinity, so that they can live their life on purpose, with passion, connection, fulfilment and joy.

I offer Akashic Record Readings (Soul Realignment) to reveal your soul's gifts, purpose, life theme and challenges.  I also clear any soul level blocks on your 'Book of Life' so that you can much easily move forward on your highest path and purpose.

From over 6 years of doing Akashic Record Readings I've also come to witness that clients are sometimes prevented from 'living their highest pupose' due to what I call personality blocks.  Those blocks could be outdated or negative beliefs, thoughts or behaviours, or unexpressed emotional pain, all of which will be affecting their abiity to make soul-directed choices and decisions.   And so, I also of  The Journey, a healing modality that is based on intraspection, and soul enquiry to help find liberation from the limitations of the personality.

For clients who know that they are here to align to their soul and their highest calling I offer a 6 month personally tailored Self-Mastery programme called Soul In Flow.

I also frequently run Guided Meditation courses for relaxation, recharging and re-inspiring.

I work in Lymington and Ringwood in Hamphire and also offer sessions over Skype and Zoom.



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