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I have more than 20 years experience of helping people using my intuition and ability to see forwards in time to see what may happen. I also help people see what someone may feel, why there are problems, anything really that my psychic ability can be used for.  I also show people who their spirit guides are and how they may be helping them in their life or how they have helped them


I do this by tuning into people's energy and with the help of my spirit guides who I sense all the time, I can help provide insight into your life. I developed my intuition since I was in my 20's and have been able to sense and feel other peoples feelings and also animals'. All readings are done by email and post this helps me not be affected by people's appearances and voices.

I am a qualified Master Reiki practitioner and do healing on people and animals remotely. One sessions per week usually three weeks at a time. This can be to heal someone's body or emotions or also to help a difficult situation in their lives. It can change their lives.


I am a very sensitive, caring and gentle person who has empathy and can understand how difficult some situations and times in your life can be.

I help animals who are not well in any way.





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