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I am a Massage & Holistic Therapist, Fully Qualified & Insured with Over 20 years experience in Eastern & Western Medicine and Bodywork.

At the age of 47, using my extensive knowledge, I have been able to slow down or even reverse the aging process & retain a youthful  appearance & the fitness, flexibility and vitality of a 20 year old!

You’d think I’d have been in training in martial arts or gymnastics for years looking at the pictures. I’m not even your typical “sporty” person, yet because of the secrets I discovered through my studies of Chinese medicine, massage therapies & postural bodywork, I can still do all that you see and I use it to inspire others who want to achieve more.

I provide :

Structural Release (an upgraded version of Rolfing/Physio) for Pain and Injury Relief

Pain & Injury Relief & Sports Massage

Weightloss Colonic Massage

Anti-gravity Massage

Holistic therapy treatments - cupping and gua sha

Various Eastern and Western Massage Therapies (Acupressure, Sports Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Physiotherapy, Reflexology, Chi Nei Tsang abdominal massage, Tui Na & more), 


Yoga & Martial Arts (private or group classes)

Come and visit me in my studios in Fallowfield Manchester or Hadfield Glossop

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