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Bodymind Integration is a deep & powerful mind-body approach to personal development, emotional and psychological healing & transformation (including PTSD), and a whole-person alternative to conventional psychotherapy and counselling. It is a modern Reichian therapy. Reichian therapy is one that works with the relationship between mind and body and believes that in a healthy person there is a free flow of energy (life-force) within the system. I use hands-on Reichian bodywork (Postural Integration) to release embodied psychological and emotional blocks (body armour), integrated with a variety of supportive methods (psychotherapy, Gestalt, breathwork, creative approaches).

I offer you creative possibilities to explore yourself in whatever way feels most productive or relevant at any given time - and always within safe and appropriate boundaries. The goal is to help you become more aware of what you hold in both your mind and your body and the connections between them, and to bring your whole self into greater harmony.

For those who want to explore change with even less emphasis on the cognitive, I offer various forms of transformative bodywork, for example, Postural Integration and Pulsing Rhythmic Bodywork.  Transformative Bodywork seeks to help you re-establish your connection with your body, to rediscover feelings, sensation, breathing, touch, freedom of movement, play, joy and pleasure.

I also run training courses in Pulsing, a delightful rythmic movement-based massage.

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