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Are your hormones getting you down? Like most women, you’re busy.

You’re working hard, juggling multiple responsibilities – work, family and a busy social life. But, despite all these commitments you’re feeling distracted by your hormonal symptoms. In short, you feel ruled by your hormones.

Every month you await your period with dread. It might be heavy, painful or not even arrive at all. You might feel angry, irritable and sluggish and wonder how long you have to put up with these symptoms for, or whether or not they will ever end.

On an intellectual level you know it’s only your hormones but you can’t believe how overwhelming they are.

Lack of control. It is really frustrating not being able to explain to those around you how much your hormones are affecting your day-to-day life and that you don’t feel in control of them. In fact, some of the symptoms you’re experiencing are just downright embarrassing!

You wonder if there is solution out there that can offer some sort of relief.

You have tried almost everything. You’ve probably read numerous websites and asked friends if they are experiencing the same symptoms as you. You’ve tried herbs, evening primrose oil, yoga, chanting, new fitness regimes, various supplements and have even changed your diet. But, so far all your efforts are not really made a big difference.

Many people in your situation ask their doctor for a solution but don’t feel comfortable about having the Mirena coil fitted, taking the contraceptive pill, HRT or anti-depressants.

Or, perhaps you have already tried the conventional options but have found the side-effects unpleasant and feel like they have made some of your symptoms worse.

Why haven’t they worked? The reason these attempts might not have helped you is because they don’t necessarily target the root cause of your symptoms and are not individualised to your needs.

The drawback with the ‘one solution fits all’ is that everyone is unique. You may need more assistance in determining why your symptoms are the way they are and which organs might not be functioning at their peak.

So, despite your best intentions the treatments you have tried are not actively supporting and detoxing your body in relation to what your body actually needs.

It doesn’t have to be this way. Imagine feeling more in control of your body and emotions regardless of the time of month. Thankfully, this is a possibility!

By using natural homeopathic remedies you can stimulate a healing response and restore balance back to your body and mind. The best news is that homeopathic remedies don’t mask or suppress your symptoms and focus on treating the cause as well as supporting and detoxing the body. It is really important that you consult with a qualified homeopath who will listen and help select the right remedies for your emotional and physical symptoms.

Why work with me? Hi, I’m Claire Zarb, a fully qualified homeopath based in Balham, South West London. I also see clients all over the world via Skype.

I trained with The College of Practical Homeopathy in North London, considered one of the most progressive homeopathic colleges in Europe. I hold a Licentiate Diploma in Homeopathy and also have training in herbs, flower essences and nutrition. I have 6 years experience with homeopathy.

Before trying homeopathy I tried almost everything conventional to balance my hormones and clear my acne-prone skin. I had regular facials, used special creams, took antibiotics, Roaccuntane and the Pill. Whenever I stopped any medication, all my symptoms came back. It was really by chance that I tried homeopathy.

It not only cleared my acne but it also helped regulate my erratic periods and alleviate my symptoms of IBS. Best of all, my mood was more stable and I felt happier and more positive. In fact I was so impressed with the results that I quit my job in Sales Management to train as a Homeopath! Now I help others feel happier and healthier with homeopathy.

Sounds good! Where can I find more information? If you’re interested then please call me on 07582 269569 or email me info@happyhomeopathy.co.uk to arrange a free 15 minute clarity consultation.

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