Advance Bio-Resonance with the Hunter Metatron

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The Hunter Metatron uses cutting edge technology to analyse and restore energy to areas of disease and stress in the body with great detail and precision.  It has proven very effective for a huge range of conditions, particularly for long standing chronic pain, illness and injuries.  It also recognises and helps combat bacterial, viral, parasitical and fungal infections, many of which go undetected in our lives but can significantly impact health.  For an holistic therapist, this is extremely useful in understanding what is going on inside the body as a whole and how different systems are affecting each other.

About Carla

Since having her children Carla discovered that both her girls have a rare genetic conditions (Ehlers Danlos and Mast Cell Activation Disorder) and spent many years learning about natural remedies, good nutrition and explored various different alternative therapies, particularly bio-resonance technology. With a background in physics, she applied her scientific expertise to further research and now practices an advanced form of bio-resonance therapy with the Hunter Metatron.

This technology is relatively new and Carla is one of just a handful of practitioners worldwide  She also provides training for other practitioners to understand and use the device and software effectively.

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