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About me

Adrianna is a mobile massage therapist and owner of Core Healing Therapy based in Buckinghamshire. She works with a therapeutic business in Harley street, as a mobile therapist in Bucks & Berks and also takes her business to British summertime festivals. With a masters research degree in science from Queen Mary University of London, Adrianna has trained with the School of Bodywork in Exeter, Marty Ryan in the USA, Rudd Baanders in Oxford and Homprang Chaleekanha in Thailand.

Adrianna offers care and restoration using touch techniques to people who are seeking nourishment and invigoration. Through her therapies she aims to increase well-being in the world using heart opening experiences in safe environments assisting people to connect to their body and take control of their own healing journey. She is a grounded, calm, professional therapist, a free dancer and creatrix, connected to the elements of the natural world.

Adrianna offers various treatments as a therapist in London and a mobile therapist in Buckinghamshire including popular Swedish Massage, subtle and powerful Myofascial Release, gentle and effective Abdominal Massage and much needed Pregnancy Massage. Treatments can help by improving sleep, managing stress, increasing mobility & flexibility, reducing aches in the muscles & pains in the joints, reducing scar tissues, managing trauma & recovery and developing a general feeling of well being.


Myofascial Release

MFR is a gentle and powerful tool used to release physical and emotional trauma from the body. Fascia is fluid like tissue containing elastin and collagen used to provide the body with flexibility. It surrounds all organs, infuses all muscles, joints, bones and provides cushioning during movement. Following physical and emotional trauma through poor posture, tensions, scarring, accidents and stressful situations, fascia hardens, dehydrates and creates restrictions resulting in pain and limitation of movement. This is Adrianna’s favourite treatment as the results can be instantaneous for anyone willing to surrender to their body’s needs. It’s a very nurturing, gentle type of treatment that is more Yin (feminine) than Yang and very effective for all over body restrictions. The neck and cranial treatment alone can assist with managing T.M.J., headaches and migraines.


Swedish Bodyworker Massage

The most popular form of European massage, the Swedish massage, works using the anatomy and physiology of the human body. Working around the bones of the body, with the muscle structure, the points of muscle insertion and joint mobility Adrianna uses this type of massage for those who need positive touch for restoration, assistance in healing injuries and for repetitive traumas. It can be a very deep massage if required.

Women's Treatments

Most people are in need of more physical touch with or without knowing it. Before, during and after pregnancy a woman’s emotional and physical body requires even greater devotion and care. Adrianna offers women treatments on the reproductive system:

  • Before Conception - to help support ongoing fertility treatment and prepare the uterus and abdomen for physical and hormonal changes

  • During Pregnancy - and birth to offer relief from painful physical changes

  • Breech Babies - to naturally re-position fetuses and turn

  • After Birth - to help realign the pelvis and treat symphysis pubis dysfunction

Abdominal Massage

Adrianna is trained in various abdominal techniques including those using Thai acupressure points and abdominal visceral manipulation. The abdominal treatment she offers works initially with the fascial system, enabling structures within the tender and vulnerable core to soften, allowing for healing in more superficial tissues, before working with the digestive, urinary or reproductive systems. Abdominal work is slow and sensitive, it can be very powerful to help cleanse any restrictions and make way for deeper restoration within the core. This type of treatment is good for digestive ailments such as IBS, sluggish bowels and tense intestines, for bladder and kidney complications and also for infertility and menstrual health.

Indian Head Massage

This 30 minute treatment can be performed sitting up or lying down and is a popular at the festivals Adrianna frequents. It’s a beautiful, relaxing treatment which is often incorporated in to a full Swedish Massage. It stimulates blood flow to the scalp, helps relieve tensions in the upper back and includes a facial accupressure massage that encourages cell regeneration. It is used in India initially on newborns and children to help promote hair grow, improve calmness and increase a sense of connection.

Training, qualifications & experience

2017 Source Power Yoga Therapy - Womb Yoga with Yoni Shakti

2016 Certificate Reiki 1 & 2 - Oxford Compassion Practice

2015 Certificate Manual Therapy Applications to the Pelvis - Love Your Guts

2015 Emergency First Aid in the Workplace - St John’s Ambulance

2015 Diploma Myofascial Release Therapy - Association of Physical and Natural Therapists

2015 Certificate Pelvic Diaphragm Release - Association of Physical and Natural Therapists

2015 Certificate Thai Massage – Thailand Government

2015 Certificate Womb & Abdominal Massage – Thailand Government

2013 Certificate Pregnancy Massage – Federation of Holistic Therapies

2013 Diploma Anatomy and Physiology - Association of Physical and Natural Therapists

2013 Diploma Swedish Massage - Association of Physical and Natural Therapists

2013 Diploma Indian Head Massage - Association of Physical and Natural Therapists

2012 MRes - University of London

2005 - BSc - University


Member Organisations

Association of Phyiscal and Natural Therapists (APNT)

British Complementary Medical Association (BCMA)


Prices (vary on location and time of day):
Mobile Therapist: £100/hr
Concessions: £60/hr


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