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I'm an Integrated Healer, Kinesiologist Reiki Master & Mentor working in Bristol UK. Appointments are available at my practice at Orchard Street in central Bristol and On-line sessions are available for those further afield.

I can support you in finding balance within yourself and in your life. Are you ready?

Are you going through life challenges or wanting to make positive changes but feeling stuck with the support you need?

I would love to help you.

About Kinesiology & Integrated Healing

Kinesiology is a truly holistic approach. It works by balancing your mind, body, emotions and energy field. By using direct feedback from your body's intelligence (with gentle muscle monitoring) we can restore balance to your system and encourage your natural healing potential towards health and well being.

Integrated Healing is a combination of Kinesiology and Reiki healing techniques - the best of both worlds!

It is a calming, energising experience which is practised on a therapy couch, fully clothed.

About Reiki

Reiki is one of the oldest systems of natural healing. It works by supporting the body's natural healing ability and therefore boosting the immune system. It is a gentle therapy that uses light touch, making it deeply relaxing. Reiki is so gentle that even painful parts of the body can be worked on comfortably.

Sessions with Tabitha include emotional stress release (ESR), a gentle Kinesiology technique which allows you to release stress and negative emotions safely.

Reiki can help you feel calm and relaxed whilst restoring your energy levels.

About Tabitha

I have been practising in Bristol since 2006 and learning about health and healing modalities, and practising self development for around twenty years. I am a member of the Complementary Therapists Association and continue to develop my training and skills.

I have come to specialise in working with sensitive people, who have found themselves going through changes or challenging times trying to cope with stress; anxiety and other difficult feelings or energy problems. Kinesiology is great for staying centred and balanced!

Contact me today for more information, without obligation.

I look forward to hearing from you,


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Please enquire for current days and availability. Thank you
Location/Directions Info
Orchard Street is near the bottom of Park Street, close to the Hippodrome. There is space for bikes outside. There are parking meters all around and Trenchard Street car park is just a 2 minute walk way. Park Street is on the main bus route through Bristol.


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