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Clinical Sports Massage Therapy for Painful Muscles, Aching Joints and Wellbeing

Sports Massage Therapy will help with sore, pulled, sprained or strained muscles and nagging aches and pains. 

At some point in all of our lives, our bodies are likely to develop an ache, pain or general niggle that won’t go away. You may have taken a knock in a game of rugby or over exerted yourself on the tennis court; you might have put your back out raking up the leaves in the garden or developed a sore neck from sitting at your computer for too long in the office. Perhaps you are in the latter stages of your pregnancy and seem to have developed carpal tunnel syndrome. Very few of us will breeze through our busy lives without experiencing some kind of muscular discomfort or pain. Frustratingly, a trip to the doctor may not produce much more than a prescription for a painkiller and a recommendation to ‘take it easy’ for a few days.

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