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Center Therapy

Independent counselling service in private practice and other organisations. One to One Child and Adolescent Counselling Adult Counselling Group Counsellilng Parent/Carer and Child Counselling [...]

Hypnotherapy In Sheffield

I help men, women and children to overcome anxiety or any habits, addictions or behavioural problems that are originating from feelings of fear, panic [...]

Shamanic Healing

To heal means to make us whole and complete. As we heal our past, we move from a place of darkness and bitterness to forgiveness, love, [...]

Healing and Homeopathy

Marc Blausten    LCHom, MARH, BHS, FIEH, BCMA Homeopath and Brennan Healing Science Practitioner ® With 30 years clinical and teaching experience I’ve had the privilege [...]
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