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mr Anand Marshall MBAcC MRCHM

I have been qualified since 1998 and practice Kanpo (Japanese Herbal Medicine) and Classical Chinese Herbal Medicine. I worked for the NHS in Westminster [...]

Ayurvedic Medical Consultations

Offering Ayurvedic Medical consultations for various ailments, specialising in chronic skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis and acne for both adults and children, womens [...]

Massage and Holistic Healing Therapist

Experience peace and tranquility in the comfort of my Holistic Therapy room in Henley on Thames providing holistic health and wellbeing massage, facials and nutrition [...]

Herbal Sanctum

Herbal Apothecary and Clinic.  A small herbal apothecary in Weymouth specialising in high quality medicinal herbs.  A place to buy herbs and herbal concoctions [...]

Colonic Hydrotherapy in Lanarkshire

A beautiful wellbeing clinic in the heart of rural Lanarkshire offering colonic hydrotherapy, metabolic balance coaching, food allergy testing and therapeutic massage treatments.  We [...]

Improve your Health, Change your Life

At Be Natural Nutrition we use nourishing foods to help you improve your health, help you lose weight or reach other wellness goals.  We understand that life [...]

Nutritional Therapist

From advising on your nutritional deficiencies to advise on loosing weight or eating heathily.  I will work out what deficiencies in minerals and vitamins you [...]

Living a Life Less Toxic – Faith Canter

Empowering you to live a life less toxic, in mind, body & home! Author, Health Coach, Nutritional Specialist, Food Intolerance Tester, Workshop Facilitator, Therapist & [...]

Food Fabulous Nutritional Therapy

Specialists in women's health (inc. PMS, PCOS, endometriosis, menopause), natural fertility, pre-and post-natal, and children's nutrition. Also gluten-related disorders and autoimmunity.  


There are many health conditions which can be greatly improved by simple dietary changes which offer a safe, long-term solution. I  get to the [...]

Reiki Treatments and Training

We offer Reiki treatments from our private Reiki Room. Sue has 12 years of Reiki experience and takes time to get to know you [...]


World’s first guaranteed weight loss and wellness system that can help you reduce your additional fat without diet or any gimmicks and start feeling [...]

Food Intolerance- Diet & Nutrition

Food Intolerance Testing Personalised Diet Plans A 2 hour consultation incorporating being tested for over 100 different foods Alternative food ideas Recipe ideas, planning your meals around [...]

Quantam Natural Healthcare

holistic, complementary, naturopathic therapy in Colchester ,Witham, chelmsford and surrounding areas. myofascial release, pre and post sports massage for injuries. nutritional, dietary advice, help [...]

Nutritional Therapy

Andrea is a firm believer in keeping life as simple as possible. Nutrition is not about rigid, difficult to follow diets but it is [...]
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