Mar 2019

Traditional Usui Reiki Master/Teacher Course – Residential Retreat

  • March 11th, 2019 - March 14th, 2019 - All Day

  • Buckland House Devon, Buckland Filleigh Devon

Buckland house has a variety of rooms all with their own qualities and as such it was decided that to make this fair, reasonable and to make it accessible for those with different budgets. Students will have the option of booking different accommodations at varying prices for this fully inclusive retreat (similar to a hotel). Please see for the different room rates.

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Master/Teacher Course

For students to be able to fully immerse themselves into the training, practice and meditation techniques, the Usui Reiki Academy Surrey offers a residential retreat at the stunning Buckland House in Devon. Exclusively ours for the duration of the course, Buckland House offers extensive grounds of 280 acres with its own lake for those adventurous enough to take the boat out and woodlands to get in touch with nature. A grand but homely and welcoming country manor with views reaching towards Dartmoor.

Non-residential private or small group courses may be available throughout the year in Surrey if you are unable to join the retreat. Please contact for more details.

For those living locally who would also like to join the course but do not want to stay the night, please contact directly.

The Course

This intensive Reiki Master/Teacher course aims to give students the tools to find deeper understanding and awareness through exploring advanced techniques, practice and philosophies giving a deeper insight into the System of Reiki. Students will receive their Master attunement and by the end of the course, will have learnt how to teach and attune others.

Completing this course does not mean that students will suddenly find enlightenment at the end of it, although there may be moments of it! Becoming a “Master” means to master the self through right action and thought until with practice and dedication it is no longer a state of doing but a state of being. It is by this means that the System of Reiki gives us the tools to help us find that deeper inner awareness and helps to open the door and guide us on the spiritual path to Self-Mastery.

The retreat itself is designed to be a relaxed home from home where the only thing you need to focus on is your own development, all catering etc will be taken care of during your stay.

Students will receive a detailed Master manual, support and guidance, additional optional evening workshops, full vegetarian/vegan board and at the end receive the Master/Teacher certification. After the course students will have access to ongoing further support via email or telephone for as long as is needed, 25% off future private treatments with Amanda and opportunities to attend Reiki shares.

The course covers these topics

  • Overview of Reiki 1 & 2, lineage, symbols, mantras and kotodamas.
  • Becoming a Master/Teacher and responsibility.
  • Precepts, non-dual perception, deep philosophy.
  • Reiki History.
  • Master attunement.
  • Symbol 4, use, origin and meaning. Mantra & kotodama. How to use in meditation.
  • Many advanced reiki meditations and healing techniques.
  • How to give a reiju, meaning of the ritual, practice (supervised).
  • How to give an attunement, meaning of the ritual, practice (supervised).
  • Gyosei (Wake Poetry)
  • How to teach Reiki including all legislation, law, ethics, code of conduct and law for teaching professional reiki.
  • How to design a course and manual for each level.
  • Mindfulness and its deep connection to Reiki practice.
  • Additional optional workshops including various meditation practices from different but very similar traditions.

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