Jan 2019

Traditional Usui Reiki 1 Course

  • January 12th, 2019 - January 13th, 2019 - All Day

  • Bookham, Leatherhead Surrey

£175.00 Inclusive of healthy plant based lunch both days, refreshments, detailed manual, further support after the course and student discount for all future treatments with Amanda

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Reiki 1 – Beginners Teachings – Shoden

This 2-day course teaches the foundation of Reiki which is a good introduction to the history, philosophy, theory and practical uses of the method. It includes practical exercises and meditations which by the end of the course, students will feel the presence of Reiki easily and quickly. Students will be confident in giving treatments to family, friends, pets and all manner of other things and also be able to use it for self healing of body, mind and spirit and for the start of their personal and spiritual development.

All courses comply with the Core Curriculum for Reiki. Courses are taught in a relaxed style and environment, in very small groups to give plenty of support and with time for questions and discussion.

Everyone senses Reiki and receives intuitive information differently, so I feel it important that I endeavour to help students to find and grow their own personal strengths and heighten awareness in areas which are unique to each individual.

The course covers these topics:

  • 4 attunements to start the flow of Reiki energy
  • Feeling the presence of Reiki
  • The History of the Method of Reiki and the myths
  • Reiki Philosophy
  • The Scientific Theory
  • The differences between Eastern and Western Styles
  • The Reiki Principles/Precepts
  • Reiki and Spirituality
  • What is Healing?
  • What is Energy?
  • Auras
  • Energy Centres
  • Energy Cleansing Techniques
  • The 21-day clearing process
  • The 12 hand positions
  • Mikao Usui’s Original Hand Positions
  • How to conduct a Reiki Self-Treatment
  • How to give a Reiki Treatments to Others
  • Treating Pets, Animals, Plants and Inanimate Objects
  • Healing Situations
  • Meditation techniques
  • Breathing Techniques
  • Using Reiki and the precepts in Daily Life/Situations
  • Ethics

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