Sep 2019

Scalp Acupuncture Microsystems for Neurological and Musculoskeletal conditions, pain management and related issues

  • September 27th, 2019 - September 8th, 2020 - 12:00 am

  • Therapies&bodywork, London

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flexible, contact us for details

Each month we run CPD trainings/courses for therapists.


All CPD trainings (2 days) are accredited by the Acupuncture Society (accr.num. ASCACRC106). After successful completion of the CPD trainings therapists are able to apply for membership in the Acupuncture Societyand CNHC(category: Microsystems Acupuncture).

Please note, that this is a very intensive training and we cover about 10 different Microsystems and Approves with a scientific and evidence based background. This course is suitable for more advanced practitioners. If required by audience, a brief review of Neuroanatomy, pain theory and pathology will be done during the CPD course.



different options are available (1-to-1 trainings, groups etc)

‘small groups – max 6 attendees


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