Nov 2018

Ease your Back, Legs, Hips and Feet with Somatics

  • November 10th, 2018 - 9:00 am - 1:00 pm

  • St Mary in Charnwood, Loughborough Leicestershire



Whether you are an athlete who feels tight, or you have a mobility restriction, lack of flexibility or persistent pain, this workshop will provide you with easy and enjoyable daily self-care strategies to keep your back, hips, legs and feet flexible and comfortable, and restore fluidity of movement.


Learn to undo habituated patterns and muscle guarding that can contribute to a host of conditions such as sciatica, piriformis syndrome, knee and foot pain and a feeling of heaviness or labouring in your gait. Fun and simple Somatic movements to ease tension and help restore mobility and comfort.


*Improve your ability to do the sports and activities you love

*Feel lighter, free-er and more supple

*Run, dance, hike, walk, climb stairs, tie your shoes and generally move with more comfort and ease

*Easy-to-do movements to get you going in the morning, give you movement snacks during the day and to ease tension at the end of the day


Places are limited.

Refeshments included.

Free & convenient parking.


What is Somatics?

Read what people are saying about Somatics here:

Relaxing, feel-good movement for stress & tension release, mobility, flexibility, better movement, improved co-ordination, greater bodily comfort and increased well-being.

Somatics is a mindful movement modality related to and in some ways derived from the Feldenkrais Method (the founder, doctor of philosophy Thomas Hanna, was a Feldenkrais practitioner who was interrested in the neuroscience of movement). The target of the practice is the nervous system. A key element is awareness, both of movement and sensation, so the sensory and motor maps of the body in the brain receive beneficial reorganization. We also teach ‘pandiculation’ – a nervous system reset for a more comfortable resting muscle length without stretching.

The movements taught are designed to re-stimulate areas of common ‘sensory motor amnesia’ in the body. Sensory motor amnesia is a somatics term to describe those hard-to-reach areas that have become tight/stiff, seem in constant need of stretching or are inhibited and lack movement. They are no longer under the full control of the brain and are unable to contract and relax in the full range. Somatics helps to bring these areas back on line.

It’s relaxing, it’s interesting and it’s pleasurable.


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