Why has hubby got a blocked ear?

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    My hubby (48) had a mild cold about 6 weeks ago and one of his ears became blocked. It's continued to be blocked and he was told he had wax in there. He's used olive oil and that hasn't helped. Otherwise he's in good health, but he's very irritated by this continuing blocked ear feeling. He is going to see his Doctor again and hopefully get it resolved. What do you think the problem is?
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    If your husband doesnt have an ear infection Hopi candles I found works wonders.

    My daughter had many ear infections when young especially after colds and at times having to undergo medical proceedures to evacuate the blocked wax. which was unplesant experience for her . However my daughter enjoyed the hopi candle experience, she described as relaxing and described a warm sensation.

    I was pointed towards hopi candles by my fellow HP'ers. These worked great and simple to use, the amount of evacuated wax can also be seen in the candle.Her hearing improved greatly and has felt a lot better. But ensure there is no infection first which may have to be medically assesed and fully treated first. Hopi candles (although a gentle experience) may irritate an already infected sore and tender ear :)
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