Which UV Gel Product???

Discussion in 'Beauty Therapies' started by beckeyh, Feb 7, 2011.

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    Hi I am currently training with Essential Nails to qualify as a UV Gel nail technician. Can anyone suggest a good brand to use when I qualify?? I am confusing myself with all the products available...please help before I go Crrrrrrazy!!!!!
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    Hi Becky
    To use some of the what I would call high end brands i.e Calgel, Bio Sculputre, CND you would have to attend their training. For gels that are in trade books you dont.

    I have used calgel and bio(same product long story about the company).

    I am currently using Gelish by nail harmony - applied like a paint lasts for up to 3 weeks

    Prof beauty is in London this month there will be lots of companies there

    you can register for a free ticket, you can see lots of products etc, they are also in birmingham later on in the year.

    Dont be fooled by gimmicks etc - customer service goes along way in my book.
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    I'm using CND's Shellac which is like Gelish, a gel nail polish hybrid. Shellac is providing great results, but expensive product per service (the standard bottles are half the size of any other similar product, but the price is about the same...). The gel nail polish hybrids give a much thinner coating than gel, but do add strength. I've got clients that say their natural nails won't grow, always break, and with Shellac their nails do grow. I'd assume Gelish and any of the other similar products can do the same thing. I've found the gel nail polish hybrids to be much thinner and lighter than normal gel applied thinner so it is a long lasting nail colour.
    Having said all of that, there will always be people looking for normal gels too :)

    Bellissima is another brand that has spun off from the Calgel line and is good to work with, but not a huge amount of brand recognition. Ask your family/friends/anyone with gel nails you strike up a conversation with - most people are more loyal to the technician rather than the brand, but if they don't get their nails done regularly they often want a high profile brand because they are familiar with the name, even if they are not familiar with the product. Most technicians start out using what they used at college since they are familiar with it :)
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