What do you think about dermal fillers?

Discussion in 'Skin, Hair & Nails' started by SamantaS1, Oct 26, 2017.

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    Hello, ladies! I’m 31 years old woman. I’m a reputable person in the company where I’ve been working
    already for 14 years. It’s a successful company; we constantly have some meetings and contracts
    concluded. I constantly visit beauty therapists to fight my skin ageing. However, as I see it helps, but the
    result is not the one I would like to observe. There are different masks, creams, moisturizers, and other
    products used by them to improve tension and smoothness of my skin. I didn’t want to make some
    injections, but I think I will, as I’m required to have corresponding look.
    What do you think about dermal fillers? Did you have such treatments? What was the effect?
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    Who has stated how you should look???? It makes me think that the individuals you are working amongst are very shallow if you are expected to look a certain way.
    Personally, I have never resorted to chemical fillers. I do treat myself to massage and facials when I can, for relaxation. I am 62. Live life to the fullest. Have many friends and a fabulous family. Have a successful business (self employed) and enjoy working with vulnerable and ill people who have widened my perspective on life - for which I can only thank them, hand on heart. I could care less about what someone thinks of my looks.
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