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    Hi I'm new to healthypages and would like some advice on eczema.
    i am 21 and have suffered my whole life with eczema. It was at its worst whilst i was pregnant and although it is now not as bad it hasn't gone down since. normally i will go through stages where it is bad and then it will clear, normally down to stress ... but this time round it hasn't and is really annoying me now.
    I have had all the steroid creams and ointments under the sun along with the non steroid creams from the doctor. I have also tried coconut oil and nothing seems to help. It is very sore and is making my skin very tight. It feels like my skin is sweating its that hot but its not. (don't know if this makes sense). PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE can someone suggest something for me? I'm so desperate i would even be happy if i just have none dry itchy skin for just one day i just need a break from this nightmare.
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    I know it is debilitating.
    A few things-eczema is an emotion.
    I would suggest love yourself, be kind to yourself emotionally, give yourself love hope and acceptance. I know easy said....but it is vitally important to be your own best friend

    Avoid- self criticism and self loathing, start loving the whole package that you are. Relax into being you warts and all. Give yourself love as you would love and comfort a child in distress. You are that child and she needs your approval, love and acceptance.
    Avoid slathering chemicals on skin. They rarely help
    Avoid focusing on your skin too much. Instead focus on body organs and functions that are running smoothly
    Avoid fizzy drinks, processed food, colas, canned juices.

    Second, nutrition. Sprout some mungs and consume everyday. Extremely good for clearing eczema. Sporting feels cumbersome but once you get the hang of it, you would be happy you started it.

    Cider vinegar- consume a teaspoon in a glass of water twice daily or more frequently if you can.
    Apply cider vinegar to affected skin

    Hemp oil- rich in omega 3 and many other vital nutrients. Consume a tablespoon twice or thrice daily as well as apply on the affected skin.

    Turmeric- include turmeric in your daily diet.

    Water- drink plenty.

    Fresh veggies, fruit, walnuts Brazil nuts. Green leafy veggies
    Small little changes, staying calm, winning step by step, relaxing along the way

    Hope it clears.
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    With my pharmacist head on the key is emollients, emollients and emollients, and then when you've finished that try ....emollients. But I also know its horrendous to keep on applying them . Holistically eczema is linked to stress and if you can learn to control that you may well find it helps. I know the eczema is also a cause of your stress, and probably your stress about it turns it into a vicious circle. You need to break the circle . Mindfulness can help. You can find meditations on line. I agree with Jnani's dietary advice on the whole....although I am not sure about applying cider vinegar to the skin. However what's the worst that can happen if you try it?

    I hope you find something helpful. But there probably won't be one single solution. You will probably need to try a combination of things. Good luck
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    Are you affected in any areas worse than others? Have you looked at your diet, milk allergies can cause horrific eczema!

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