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    It must be the font then Barafundle! Are you doing a copy and paste? Perhaps fonts come up different sizes on Macs? Janani's post above is also tiny with the top para, then OK with the rest.

    Perhaps we should ask Mike? I don't know what the default font is here - Verdana? On another forum I write on, I have to change everything to Ariel, or my posts either come up huge or tiny. :( Why is life so complicated? :025:
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    Ghous state, levitation & carnage

    It's true, there's a very rich vein in the Hindu and Islamic traditions of India.

    It's possibly why a large bulk of the Perfect Masters in this cycle of time
    have been kilned in these traditions.

    One memorable tale relates to the now famous Sai Baba of Shirdi.

    It is said that the events and the ebb & flow
    of the First World War
    were directed from a small tin shed
    near a dusty dirt road
    in a poor, remote village in Maharashtra, India
    where Sai Baba lived.

    Each night this fakir would enter the ghous state
    completely dismembering the different parts of his body
    which then levitated in the air of his mosque
    only to reunite with the rest of his body in the morning,
    once that aspect of his work was finished.

    It is said that in this way the Qutub,
    and Perfect Master,
    directed the carnage on the fields of Flanders
    from over six thousand miles away.

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