Symptoms - Stress/Anxiety...herbal remedy advice?

Discussion in 'Natural Remedies' started by addylewis, Jul 24, 2013.

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    I've been suffering from some stress and anxiety recently (to the point that on some days I've been unable to eat for feeling physically sick, sleeping badly, nightmares, the situation(s) in question being on my mind 24/7 giving me a headache, and quite frankly feeling useless/burnt out - a couple of months ago I was physically shaking one day through fear).

    One of the situations I've since found out is fine, and the OTHER one is much better now but it still plays on my mind quite a lot...I still feel strange/sad/helpless (mentally) for the main one I'm seeking advice on.

    I have been running it through my mind for months to the point where I can no longer focus and forget things all the time, and I know it is a result of this extreme stress and anxiety I have been through (and sometimes still DO experience).

    I have been researching herbal remedies which could at least help a LITTLE with everything going on in my head...and I have come across Valerian and St. John's Wort - I am a generally healthy person except for now being burnt out/mentally, physically and emotionally exhausted.

    Which of those would you recommend that I try for a month or 2? Any alternatives? Like I say - I'm feeling better now mostly but I still have bad days on occaision...I'd rather try something natural before I panic and have to seek the help of a doctor because REALLY I don't think I need anything that drastic at the moment...
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    Hi Addeylewis
    welcome here
    A few things- The trying events have gone. but the story remains. It regenerated the eemotional response every time the story runs mentally. Drop it. The event hasn't done any damage. In the long run you will find it was good and gave you back bone-but the story is doing your head in. The attachment to who said what, why, why me, what they did, why? is causing anxiety.
    Feel th eemotion as it arises, dropping the story.

    Third-don't keep feeling that you have got to do something about this anxiety. Thats how you get sucked into endless therapy. Just see it as a part of life. Relax and allow the events to unfold as they will.( They do anyway. We have just been conditioned to keep taking responsibility for whatever is happening). The anxiety has come and it will go. Don't try to push it out of your life. Don't force yourself to take control. Relax. stay open, it will melt away.

    If society could teach from the start to allow rather than fear and fight there is never need for any therapy.

    Kali phos 6x, available at health food shops. Take it sevearl times a day to begin with. and 4 times after a week or so. You might have to have it for 3-4 weeks, but it is a gentle and natural way to bring mind-body in balance. The bio-chemic salts require you not to eat anything 15 minutes before and after the pills.

    Kali Phos 6x in bio-chemics, also called 12 tissue remedies (available from health food shops) take 4 pills 4 times a day.

    hope it helps

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