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    I wanted to ask everyone's opinion of surrogacy here. It is growing as a market in the US, Canada and other parts of the world. And yet, still -- so strictly forbidden in France. Do you think French government/law/court should legalize the procedure? My question is: what are the issues involved with surrogacy, aside from ethical and legal. Is it medically unsafe? Thanks in advance.
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    I can see that some countries may have legal issues around it, but I can't see that there are ethical issues... what can be ethically wrong with one person choosing to help another? unless of course that is perceived through the eyes of one who has prejudices.
    Any medical procedure could be considered 'unsafe' (the medical community insists on it being, so they can't be blamed if anything does go wrong). However, a woman having a baby, whether as a surrogate or otherwise, is no more dangerous than it has always been; though nowadays we have better medical care for mothers giving birth.

    Why do you ask? Are you in France? Are you considering using a surrogate, or being a surrogate?

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