sports therapy vs physio ? help!

Discussion in 'New Forum Members' started by rosio, Nov 19, 2017.

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    Nov 19, 2017
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    I'm interested in studying physical therapies, with a view to working in sport; rehabilitation, avoidance and maintenance of sporting bodies, (I currently work in the outdoors environment and know the frustrations of bodies failing and am keen to help others in this situation).
    Anyway, my question is about qualifications, Sports therapy interests me much more than physio (not interested in general work as a physio for illness, rehab of geriatric, pediatric etc..not because I am a horrible person - I hope - just genuinely interested in sports and the psychology of participants) but I am concerned about the lack of knowledge/ appreciation of the quality of this profession. from a bit of research it seems people understand physios, so just go with them?
    Anyone out there working as a sports therapist who can help/ tell me its worth it?! It's a big life change and I want to make sure I chose the route that is most likely to lead me where I want to be.
    thanks in advance!

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