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Discussion in 'Natural Remedies' started by atlanticpearl, Nov 2, 2011.

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    I have previously made up body butters with cocoa butter (30g) and sweet almond oil or jojoba oil (50 ml) and a few drops of eo. However I find that the mixture although in the pots is solid and to get it out I have to put a spoon in to scoop it out - I am trying to get a better consistency where if a softer texter rather than a solid texture - any advice there?

    Today I had some shea butter come and I would like to make it into a body or hand cream - any recommended recipes. also if adding Vit E to a product do you break a capsule or buy Vit E in liquid form and how much do you use.

    Lastly I brought some castile liquid soap as I thought I could use it for making shampoo, but now I can't find the recipe...does anyone usie castile liquid soap and any ideas for using it, thanks

    Thanks in advance for any replies/suggestions.
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    I've only really played about with oils and fats part time, although it does sound like you may be using slightly too much "fats" and you should add water to it, with the fats and water being roughly 60 Celsius so they join nicely and keep stirring till they cool and harden naturally.

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