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    Hi all,
    Am new to the site, I'm female and this had happened when I was 20.
    I have a query that has been on my mind for a few years now. Back in 2013 I decided to take some LSD. I then undressed and laid on my bed, had amethyst above my head, rose quartz in each hand, one just in the dip between my collar bones above my chest near my throat and one below my belly button.
    I closed my eyes and proceeded to meditate, soon after the rose quartz started to feel like it was burning a hole in my throat like a hot coal!!
    Does anyone have any idea what or why this could be? I have asked a few people over the years but no one is really sure and I'm not sure if it has anything to do with my thyroid?

    Any help much appreciated because it was just an odd experience
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    Welcome to Healthypages,

    It would be difficult to say if there is any real meaning when you were also under the influence of LSD, which is certainly known to create various alterations in perception.
    Have you tried meditating again, with the crystals, but without taking LSD and see what you get?
    Essentially, I'm saying you would need to eliminate the effects of mind altering substances before even considering what any 'meaning' you can attribute to the crystals.
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    It is long back enough. The moment has passed, the feeling is long gone...let's keep up with what's happening in the now. Holding on to experiences of the past is just getting stuck into what is not. The mystery might never be solved because it is probably a cerebral itch...Life is moving right here. What is she saying to you now is more fun question...if you get my drift
    LSD is not mind bending for nothing...any sensation and threat is a chakra that is usually blocked so there was some activity there. One can say that the stone created that sensation or more aptly our mind created is likely to be accentuated under influence of LSD . Some have real oneness of consciousness etc. it serves as a starting point to go creating the same oneness in life...often Opening pendoras box of alternate spirituality such as meditations, chakras and the rest of it.
    Odd experience it is as you rightly described it
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    I think that the question that you need to ask yourself is why is it bothering you now? Do you feel intuitively that there may be something wrong with your thyroid?
    Meditate and quietly ask yourself these questions. The answers will come....
    Good luck !
    Marion McGeough

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