Reiki session interrupted by outside noises

Discussion in 'Reiki & Energy Healing' started by DMM, Jun 2, 2019.

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    I had a Reiki session yesterday in my home. The Reiki healer is mobile and she came to me. I was deep in the session and feeling absolutely taken away and peaceful....then my next door neighbor's dog started barking incessantly!! I was so angry!!! I went from being transported back to earth and pissed in 1 second flat.

    The session was $150 so this is where my anger came from. While continuing the session I told my Reiki healer how angry I was and she said to acknowledge the feeling and to let it flow out. I did this and it helped a little but from then on, I felt like whatever visions or imagery I had was forced or imagined by me. I did receive some powerful images while the anger was taking over so I'm not sure.

    For me, this Reiki session ended with me feeling physically aching and frustrated as heck.

    I guess my question is this: 1.) Is it possible to get Reiki and have it ruined? I'm feeling that my thoughts of it being ruined are not accurate and that I did receive something.
    2.) What do I do if this ever happens again? I told her that I wanted music but she did not have any with her. I get easily distracted and thought this would help.
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    Hi and welcome to the community,

    A.1) The Reiki energy itself wouldn't have been 'ruined' by the experience. What has ruined it is your attachment to the distractions that were going on around you. This will be why your Reiki practitioner said to acknowledge it and let it flow, which would have been to help you become detached from it. You will have still received the Reiki energy.

    A.2) Only you will know what you will do if it happens again. Would music really have helped? or would you then have the noise of the music AND the noise of the dog to contend with? Perhaps if you find you are easily distracted you could wear some ear plugs/defenders during the treatment and arrange a signal from the Reiki practitioner to indicate when the treatment is complete.

    Perhaps if you're that easily distracted you could start to practice meditation and other methods of letting things go. ;)
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    You are right when you say the imagery was your imagination.
    You were taken away and peaceful....and then the bloody dog barked!
    Two things- you don't have to have any special imagery to receive, healing or go into meditation. Infact imagery is a poor idea as it can become an obstacle in itself on many levels. All healing needs is a loose and relaxed mind and a receptive heart.
    What do I mean by that?

    Loose and natural as is the flow of life. Quiet now, noisy next minute....whatever is,mis fine by me. I don't have separate agenda of peace or to float away to some distant peaceful place. I can relax now, exactly as and how this moment unfolds. Loose and natural.
    Second peace that happens in the absence of noise is a noise-riddled peace. It has no affirmative value to it, because it goes ( as you find) when quiet is disrupted.
    As Giles said you feel strong emotion as result of your attachment to the moment of peace. Your achey body is that stuck frustration and anger

    Relax enjoy. Let dogs bark, let planes paass, let children scream with glee, let the bazar buzz....relaxing in what is happening naturally is healing and meditation.

    You did not listen to the reiki healer.
    Reiki is fairly benevolent, but human mind is a magician that can can turn any blessing into poison.

    And vice versa

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