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    Hey guys first time poster here. I have been lurking and reading some of the threads with respect to training as a counsellor / therapist / psychotherapist.

    I have a bachelor of science in psychology and a pgce. I currently teach in a special needs school. However i have always wanted to work in mental health. I am considering clinical psychology but it really is so so so competitive.

    Alternatively counselling or CBT therapy has always really appealled to me and I have been researching the routes to qualification and job opportunities over the past few months.

    I have narrowed it down to two options.
    one is a bacp accredited 2 year post grad diploma in CBT and the other is a university masters in psychological therapies which also confers qualification as a psychological wellbeing practitioner.

    Would anyone who's currently qualified or have relevant knowledge be able to comment on the bacp accreditation and how it might position me to obtain work within the NHS for example as a CBT therapist or to work in or as a psychological wellbeing practitioner?

    I would really appreciate anyone's input.

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