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    Hi all, hope you are well

    I have made a New Years Resolution for: 2019 because in mid-January when most people have recovered from their hangovers, spending too much money on food, drinks and Christmas presents for others. I am going to invest my money for my future relationship (because free dating sites and apps are rubbish, as most women do not commit themselves to even dating!

    Instead they want men to drawl over their beauty to give themselves a sick ego boost! and they wonder why mentally sick men send them dick pics and/or ask for a one night stand?! Luckily I do not judge a book by its cover so not giving most women a sick ego boost!) with a lovely lady, who will hopefully have the most beautiful soul in the world (if she does not I shall have to ask for a full refund! Haha!)

    But one question..... Out of: and eHarmony dating websites which one should a shy romantic sign up to?? As I do not think you can advertise on here please direct message me, thanks.

    I look forward to your replies,

    All the very best,

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    I've tried both and found them to be equally lacking in use. Good luck. After many years of using online services, I went old school and won.
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    By the way..welcome Oliver! Been married for many years, but I can tell you the dating scene is so difficult no matter what generation. Oliver I suggest maybe to concern a really good Life Coach near you to help address some questions you have. Sounds like you ready for an adventure and dating can be a learning experience and fun but making the true connection is special and at times rare.

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