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    I am new to this site and am currently studying for my NVQ2 in beauty therapy and am having a nightmare with the paper above. I made the mistake of doing a fast track course, which was a week intensive course and was told the rest would be self learning. I do not want to name the colledge but they did not give me any resourses apart from one book, which I use as my beauty bible but I can not find the information for the paper above and am so worried that I will not pass my final exam. I have finished all of my other papers but am just stuck on this one.
    Can anyone please, please help with the following:

    Q1. Match the following products to skin types to the following products, explain how to apply them?
    Dry Skin, Oily Skin, Dehydrated Skin, Combination skin, Sensitive Skin.
    Cream cleanser, facial wash, sensitive cleansing fluid, oil free cleanser, milk cleansing fluid, balancing toner, nourishing toner, sensitive toner, astringent toner, moisterising cream, moisterising fluid, sensitive moisteriser, oil free moisteriser, rebalancing moisteriser.

    Q2. Match the following products to the following skin types, explain how to apply them?
    Foundation-Oil free gel, hupoallergenic, cream, mousse
    Concealer- Cream, mousse, fluid
    Powder- pressed, loose, bronzer,
    Eye shadow- cream, mousse, powder,
    Eyeliner-pencil, liquid.
    Blusher-Cream, powder, mousse
    Lip products- Lipstick, lip-gloss, lip liner
    Dryskin, Oily, Sensitive, Combination.

    Q3. What factors affect the selection of products for different skin types, tones & conditions?

    Q4. Show the correct times for the following services?
    Special occassion makeup
    Makeup lesson
    Bridal makeup.

    Q5. List what products may be re-applied following a makeup application and how to apply them?

    Q6. Comment on makeup products that are beneficial and unsuitable for home use giving reasons why?
    Reason Why:

    I am really not being lazy here, I have tried to find the answers and am now racking my brains. Any help will be gradually appreciated.

    Thanking you lin advance,

    Nateice x
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    Struggling with this also, I managed Q4 just by looking at local make up artist sites, the answers I got were -
    Special occasion around 40-50min
    Bridal - 1hr
    Make up lesson - 1 hr & 1/2

    Did you manage to get any other answers? X
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    Mrs Scollie - you may not get an answer from Nateice - her post was made 4 years ago!
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    Oops should have checked the date thanks!

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