New to Angel Cards and readings. Tarot deck advice?

Discussion in 'Readings' started by IslaSorna, Jan 26, 2013.

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    Over the last few months I have desperately been seeking guidance.
    I had my cards read by a very nice lady before Christmas, who told me it was important I get a set of my own Angel Cards, as she felt that they would hugely benefit me.
    Yesterday I was browsing the shops when I saw a set that appealed to me and bought them on impulse.

    I have never used or have done any type of reading before so was getting to know the cards and practicing reading myself - the same card came up for me every time.
    Even with the book I don't understand the card, I was wondering if anyone could shed any light on why this card popped up every time? (And trust me, it's not my shuffling capabilities lol)

    I was also wondering if anyone could advise me on a good Tarot deck to buy for beginners? I am so comfortable with the cards that I'd love to experience a few others.
    Thankyou for any advice and for taking the time to read :)

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    Hello Isla,

    I am glad you bought a deck you felt drawn to and not one that was recommended because because that really is the only way to select a deck of cards. So I am not going to give you any advice on tarot cards. When you feel the time is right go and browse the selection of trait decks and see which one your are drawn to.

    As regards the card you keep drawing , what is in your mind when you select a card? I find doing a reading for myself is almost impossible but I do find it helpful to do daily card picks. So I shuffle the cards and ask to be given a card that will tell me something I need to know. Sometimes I will ask for a card to give me guidance about an issue. If you keep pulling the same card there are two explanations. One is that something is affecting the randomness of the selection. I tend to shuffle the cards then spread them out face down on the table and pick one at random so there is double randomness in there. You say it isn't your shuffling -and I am sure it isn't but there could be a number of normal reasons why you are picking the same card. But the other reason why the same card keeps coming out is you are not acting on the message of the card.

    I often use my daily card pick as the focus for a meditation. You may find it helpful to do that and keep a record of your thoughts.

    Don't be too bund by the official meaning of the acrd (this is especially true of tarot cards) If some of the words jump out at you from the book then that could be the meaning this card has for you today (tomorrow it may mean something different!). But look at the image on the card and see what it says to you.
    love and light

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    Hello IslaSorna - I am a reader that has read for years when you are ready to start reading you must use the deck your way to bring about creative flow of yourself. I have taught to look at the cards as a tool looking at the first card of the deck and going over it for a couple days. Put it under your pillow then write down your impressions for the day. If you are picking the same card walk with it and pick up some impressions ask your angel guide to give some insight..But use it for a few days look at whats happening in your world and what relates to the card it significance with your world. Looking at using a deck is a thing that is sought by you so that you look at what your intuition will bring you. Remember its created for a purpose every deck...I worked a long time with cards and found the symbolism is the most important to bring about what it means to you or someone else...Gypsee

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