Looking for London based baby massage case studies

Discussion in 'Pregnancy & Baby' started by cliogayton, May 21, 2013.

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    Hi Everyone,

    I recently completed a 2 day baby massage course with Inspire Massage, however I still need to do 5 case studies.

    I'm looking for at least 3 people to attend a baby massage class which will be led by me, this will involve you coming to three sessions where I'll demonstrate how to massage your baby on a doll, and ask you feedback at the end of each session to see how things went. I also need 2 other individual babies who I will massage 3 times and would be feed back for those sessions as well.

    You will not be charged you any money as these will only be case studies in order to obtain my certificate. If you like what I do, you're welcome to come back to class when I receive my qualification.

    I'm fully insured by the FHT and have a CRB check.

    If you are interested please message me on here.

    Best Wishes


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