Internal landscapes - External reality

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    The terrain inside me described
    “Keep out”
    The fabric of external reality around me described
    “Heaven sent”
    Which one is?
    Two worlds beside
    One that is fed up of being trapped inside
    One that is free to reach out to life
    Both are living on a knife
    And then beyond the relinquished emotional tide
    A salient realization is made
    My inside & outside are poles apart
    Yet both have access to a caring heart
    My existence forges two unlikely halves
    I’m no longer living a life in parts
    I’m north, east, south & west
    I’m knees, toes, head & chest
    Forgive me now as I take a rest
    This journey is sweeping me off my feet
    and yet all the parts of me I get to keep!
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