How To Answer ITEC Theory Exams

Discussion in 'Past Exam Papers' started by JLAU, Jun 6, 2013.

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    Does anybody know - if you get an answer wrong to an ITEC multi-choice question, do you get minus 1 point or just no point?
    This makes a big difference to your strategy about whether to guess any answers or not......
    Need to know soon - I have my exams next week and my teachers seem a bit vague on this!
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    I don't know for sure with ITEC, but typically with multiple choice exams you just get a point for each one that's correct, and nothing for a wrong or unanswered one.

    Hopefully though you'll know your stuff and will be getting them all right. ;)

    Personally though, I've always thought multiple choice exams are not an ideal way to test people, just because of the fact one person may guess and answer more luckily than another person... and exams should be about testing a persons knowledge or skills, not about luck.

    All Love and Reiki Hugs

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