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Discussion in 'General Exercise' started by vicki, Jul 18, 2010.

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    is it possible if you are unfortunate enough to have a flat bum to make it much bigger by doing glute exercise? or will it only have a small effect? i dont seem to be getting anywhere!
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    The easiest way to disengage the gluteal muscles is to wear shoes with heels, so if you're concerned about the tone of your behind then wear flat shoes at all times. If your job involves sitting around then get out of your chair every few minutes, even if just for a moment.

    Beyond that, yes, if you want to make your backside more perky and toned you could try general exercise, long walks, swimming etc. If you want to be more specific, there are lunges, squats etc but make sure you get a good trainer to guide you, it's possible to do a lot of harm also. I nearly always favour free-exercises and free-weights over machines. Machines can create unnatural movement for the body and not challenge the entire muscle groups, or require development of control of movement.

    There is usually scope for change, but also a limit to how far you can take a change. If you are not aware of getting a result, get some objective measures for progress, and get guidance from a personal trainer. Also, the effectiveness of exercise depends on doing it right (get a trainer) and general health. If you have health problems it can be harder or even counterproductive to take strenuous exercise, but this is all general stuff.

    This appears of course to be a largely cosmetic question, my field is health which can be a very different objective from external beauty (not necessarily). Having said that my inclination is stick with the general exercises rather than the specific, trust your body and be accepting of the result.
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    Yes, in fact I find it ridiculous that some women resort to surgery to increase the size of their bum.

    The glutes are one of the biggest muscles in the body, and with the right training they can grow and will look very fimr.

    Can I ask what you currently do to train them?
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    Ingest more Cadburys boosts, they not only taste lovely they wiil make your bum very big. No seriously, a good way to shape and put on mass in the buttocks in a good way is cycling. Really does help if you pull the seat up, as it works the biceps femeris and the bumbum muscles:D

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