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    I couldn’t find an eye sight forum so hopefully this is a good section for this.

    My eye sight is pretty terrible, I wear glasses and contact lenses. My prescription is around -7.00 and I have an astigmatism.

    I go to specsavers for my checkups. For a while now my right eye has never been corrected perfectly by the optician. During the actual test everything seems fine and the prescription when looking through the eye/lens contraption is good and correct. However my glasses don’t seem to be right.

    If I’m looking directly at a screen for example with text on it, and I cover my right eye I can see super clearly through my left lens, if I do the same and cover my left eye my vision is blurry through my right eye. However, if I then turn my head to the left still looking out of my right lens my vision becomes much clearer (I’m looking out of the side of the lens almost). Which has led me to believe that my right lens has not been made correctly.

    I’ve explained this to both the optician and staff in the store and they have said the lens is made to the correct specification/prescription, the optical centre of the lens is correct etc. They also say that ‘your eyes work together’ which I agree, but I still don’t think my right lens should be this bad. Slightly blurry yes, but this feels more than the prescription being too weak or strong.

    I have it in my head that when I first selected the glasses and they manually measure the lenses and put a pen dot on the lens to determine the centre of the lens that this measurement was wrong. The dot was in the wrong place so the lens was made incorrectly. Meaning that the lens was made to the ‘correct’ measurements, but those initial measurements may have been wrong.

    TLDR: I can see clearer out of my right glasses lens when I rotate my head to the left, eye looking straight on. I think the centre point of the right lens is incorrect but the opticians don’t believe me.

    I feel like I'm losing the battle here with this store...
    Does this make any plausible sense or am I being crazy?

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    Get a second opinion from a different optician perhaps? I used Specsavers for a few years, then voted with my feet and went to a different optician, where I believe I have received a far superior service - my husband did the same.

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