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    Hello, I've recently qualified in IHM and the way I was taught was by having a client sitting on a chair leaning over on to a massage bed with towels under their head/face/arms for comfort. After back and neck massage they would sit up for the head, face and chakras.

    My time is restricted by childcare and work until September but for now I want to 'keep my hand in' and offer massage when I can which is 2 mornings and one evening a week. It is unlikely I can hire a room anywhere for such short periods as most seem to be a full day minimum (though I'm researching this). At present, the mornings will be at my house. I'm considering my options for equipment and would appreciate your experiences - a massage chair or a chair that I can raise and lower combined with my dining room table. For my mobile evening appointments in people's homes I think the best option would be me taking a chair I can raise/lower and ensuring they have a dining table we can use. Again, how have others done this?

    Thank you very much.
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    Hiya, I worked as a mobile therapist in the UK and did Indian head massage treatments. I didn't tend to have clients sit in the chair and lean on the massage table, i had a mobile massage chair instead. You can google them and see what i mean. It was portable and because you had something to lean in to, it meant when a client relaxed they could really sink in to it. When i trained we just did the treatment in an ordinary chair, the problem with that was when the client was becoming really relaxed and sleepy they had nothing to relax in to. As you say though, maybe using their dining table....but then many people may not want to use their dining table/don't have one or other people may be in that room so they can't use it at the time.

    So i guess my suggestion would be the massage chair.....but being devil's advocate, it does not work for all clients and some larger clients don't find it comfy and so i sat them in an ordinary chair! Whatever works best for your clients.
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