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    I just passed one year in Spain, studying osteopathy in the E.F.O. Escuela de formacion en osteopatia and I would like to share some of my insights with everybody who has interest in studying the same.

    If one looks at the pretentious internet site of this company, one gets the impression they are situated in the middle of Valencia's most prestigious university area.
    This is not the case, as they only have rented a table in an office there in order to have a fake address there.
    The courses take part in a 12 square meter room without window an only partly functional air conditioning in the harbor district, the worst part of town.
    Officially start is at 0800 and you will not be let in from 0815 on.
    As a matter of fact, you end up in front of locked doors mostly, if you go there before 0900.
    From this time on, you might meet a professor and another of the 4! students they currently have.

    The teacher I spent most time with was totally unqualified and unprofessional.
    Touching genital areas without asking is as natural and normal there, as pulling your underwear down from behind, when you stand in front of class for demonstration purposes.

    It is also normal for their “teachers” to drink several bottles of beer at lunch break, so that you end up getting touched inadequately by a person smelling like alcohol

    Several times I caught a “teacher” searching my private stuff, bag and clothes.

    They do not know nor use Latin expressions in anatomy and physiology but use some Spanish expressions for it, that I never heard before. They say it goes back to some french guy.

    If you inquire whatever from them by email, I highly recommend to doubt the reply to contain any truth and to double check.
    They need money desperately and would do whatever in order to make you transfer money to them.
    There will be no refunds of money already given into their hands, so take heed as these people full fill all bad stereotypes about Spanish attitude that exist.

    In their communication previous to me transferring the fees in advance, those folks clearly lied to me in order to make me pay.

    The “ director” who is only full filling only representative functions , lives with his secretary and cannot afford a car is smooth like an eel and will tell you whatever lie necessary in order to make you transfer them money.

    All in all a “great” experience, that costed more than 6000 Euros and brought me nothing but lost time and nerves.

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