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    I had a disturbing dream whereby I came home to find my house being burgled, my parents were outside watching and had phoned for help, but they were not simply stealing things they were vandalising the house, but in the way of... to show they had been there, so there were big spray painted boards in the garden with symbols on, and they were leaving with tons of stuff but not things I could work out, for example my iPad was still there and my computer, and they changed the house, e.g. they left drugs growing in my parents bedroom. it was so weird, they spoke to us and they had a small child who i picked up to ask if he was okay, and when they finally left they left in cars that made a real show of who they were with the same spray painting on them. at the end a man who we thought has come to help had a gun, and we got scared so locked ourselves inside and instead of helping he was a sniper trying to shoot us.
    obviously a really strange dream, anyone got any ideas on what it might mean?
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    It seems like a disaster.
    But it has serious feel of emptying out of stuff and non sense. All things that were actually needed were untouched. Yet the scare and feelings of vulnerability is so obvious. Becoming vulnerable, exposed....emptied. All signs of transformation.

    Distrust of any help from others is indicative of dawn of trust in God. Who you thought would be a helper was killer is not necessarily a bad thing. Betrayal of hope it seems but it is going beyond hope pitched in the outside world.
    Looking within and turning in.
    All hopes dash to ashes,...scenario.
    Transformation is in order. Old is going going, going. deep seated energy of fear exposing itself. Relax and stay receptive.

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