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Discussion in 'Dreams' started by Tgirl789, Feb 22, 2017.

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    I had a dream that took place in an old house that I used to live in. (Is it normal to always dream about old settings and not current ones?) anyway, my sister is looking outside and she sees people coming and she goes out the front door to get a closer look. She notices a group of people headed our way and she warns me but doesn't make it back inside on time to hide. Then I look and I recognize a random old classmate (who passed away in real life, may he r.i.p) and a group of people coming to rob our house so I hide in the jacket closet, trying to call police but I'm so nervous I don't do it correctly. I don't remember if they find me or not
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    Recognise sense of fear, fear of known and unknown people. breathe into it. The sense of being hunted down in the safety of your own home....inability to find safety, so close yet totally vulnerable
    breathe into the fear, allow it. It will move.

    Don't take upon yourself to purge yourself of fear, or try to find the root of this fear. but only be happy to recognise and allow it. If you need to know, after allowing, you will recognise how this fear came to be

    Old house...because this feeling is quite old too.

    Beautiful thing about dreams is that we wake up from them
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    Welcome to this forum!

    I often dream of a place I used to live in that I had emotional links to e.g. feeling secure there. Does this old house have similar associations with you too?

    Essentially it feels like a dream about insecurity and lack of confidence in self. Does this echo your current reality?

    Some dreams have a repetitive pattern to them, i.e. they will play out in variations of the same theme until we get the message.

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